01 - Sea Creature

01- 'Sea Creature' (#100CreatureDrawings) - Albert Casado

First drawing of the challenge's series of 100 Creature Drawings. Hope you comment, like and share! If you want to see more of my critters 'Like' the following page:
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01- Sea Creature (100CreatureDrawings) - Albert Casado


01 - Spaceship

01 - Spaceship (100MechDrawings) - Albert Casado

100 Drawings Challenge

Have you ever wished you improved in something you struggle or just take a challenge and make your way until the end of it, but never actually did it? What are you waiting for? Here you have the chance to follow an artist improve his artworks in 100 drawings on the same topic. You can also improve and learn with me, side by side, so again... What are you waiting for? Start drawing and follow this blog on your RSS or Feedly or whatever.

My name is Albert Casado and I am a 29 years old Character Animator who also happens to draw in my spare time. I don't call myself an artist, I don't make a livinng with my drawings or illustrations. It's more a hobby for now.
Since I was a child I wished I could draw but never took the hard work to acomplish it. I remember looking my lucky good-drawing riends and imagine me drawing so cool stuff... but then, my hand and the paper didn't love each other. I studied animation and other skills and the drawing bug bite me again. Now, since I was 26 I am self teaching to draw, paint, illustrate and all I can in the field. It's a hobby for now, but who knows if it will eventually be a job.

After the main presentation, here comes the interesting part. Today I am starting a new challenge in order to improve my art skills. It is called the '100 Drawings' challenge or 'Draw 100 something' and first time I had notice of it was in a Jake Parker video in his youtube channel. He is an awesome artist, if you don't know him, look at his work in instagram or facebook or twitter or... you know.

The topics of the challenge will be two, so in the end here will be 200 drawings! Topics will be:

- '100 Mechanical Drawings' (#100MechDrawings)
- '100 Creature Drawings' (#100CreatureDrawings)

So, yeah... that's all for now. I hope you find interesting the chance to learn with me, side by side. If you are doing also this challenge, or you want to join everyone who is doing it, share your drawings! Send them to me by mail, It's would be great to see them.

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Thanks for reading and enjoy your drawings !!

Albert Casado (nfok-e)